We develop some Agents to help you to do some specific tasks.


The Function agent generate the function or formula for you, you can call it using @ in chat list.

Or if you don't like chat mode, you can click on Function button on the top of input box, we supply a UI for you to generate the function or formula,

You can say:

@function sum of Orders


The Filter agent can filter a list of items based on a condition, and save data to a new sheet.

It can filter by multiple conditions, or it can execute multiple conditions at the same time to split the table into different sheets

You can say:

@filter Help me filter out data with orders greater than 100
@filter help me do follow tasks:

1. Filter out data with orders greater than 100
2. Filter out data with orders less than 100
3. Filter out data with orders equal to 100


The Chart agent can generate charts based on the data in the table, just say you chart requirements.

You can say:

@chart pie chart about Orders


@chart  create charts for me

You also can use UI to generate charts, just click the "Chart" button in the toolbar.


The Translate agent can translate the data in the table to another language, just say you translate requirements.

Here we supply a translation form for you to select target language and tone, then translate table data by batch, you can set how many rows to translate at once.

Or you can use Custom Function to do translation work.


We use GPT-4V or GEMINI PRO VISION Model to do some work for you.

You can upload an image and input your requirement, and we will return the result for you.

Or, you can click on the Vison button in toolbar, then upload image in the form, we supply some function inside, such as:

  • Extract table data from image
  • Extract formula from image and return Latex code
  • Extract Diagram from image and return Mermaid code
  • Analyze chart based your requirement


Intelligent help you generate prompt by row data if there are so many columns you want to add to your prompt.

It supply a prompt template, so you can edit the template to build your prompt, the row data will be added to the template.

you can preview the prompt and test it using the first row data, if it works, you can use it to generate the prompt.

Here is a template sample:

# User Requirement
Enter your requirement

# Context Information





The Coder agent can generate the Google Apps Script code based on the requirement, we use it in Google Sheets.

We supply to Code Interpreter in Google Sheets including Coder and Python Interpreter.

You can get a better experience in Google Sheets use Google Apps Script as compared to Python,because GS can update sheet directly.

You can say:

@coder add 100 to cell B1:B10
@coder calculate the average of Orders
@coder create bar chart of Orders


The Python Interpreter is a Python interpreter that can be used to execute Python code. It is designed to be used in Excel.

We upload all the Excel sheets data to an input folder as a single file in the Python environment, then execute Python code to edit those sheet data, and finally output the results to a output folder.

You can say:

@python add 100 to cell B1:B10
@python calculate the average of Orders
@python create bar chart of Orders


We did not use a code interpreter to generate the Office Excel Javascript code because the code generated by GPT is unreliable, not easy to read, and always has errors.


We supply VBA agent to generate VBA code for Excel, but we can't run it directly in Excel, so you need to copy and paste the code into Excel and run it.


You can use the Analyst agent to analyze the data and generate the data analysis report.

Analyst will analyze data by multiple dimensions and generate a report, it use Python Interpreter to do calculation and generate charts.

We recommend you to use GPT4 for data analysis, the result will be much better than GPT-3.5.

You can say:

@analyst Help me analyze the percentage of orders per city

Custom Agent

You can customize your own agent based on your own needs using the tools we support.