We provide a number of Tools so that Sally can call them to accomplish your tasks, and you can configure whether you need to use them or not.


Write Function

Help you write function or forumula of Excel or Google Sheet.

You can say:

Help me write a function to sum Orders

Create Table

Help you create table in Excel or Google Sheet.

you can say:

Help me create a task table
I want to travel on the weekend, help me build a list of common items I need for traveling

Recommend Charts

Recommend charts for you based current table headers.

You can say:

Recommend charts for me
Help me create the chart, I want to see the percentage for each city

Chat with Data

Sally will send the data you selected to ChatGPT, and then ChatGPT will answer your question.

You can do any tasks you want to do, such as: Information extraction, sentiment recognition,translation, Q&A, and more!

You can't select too much data, and if the data exceeds 20 rows, you will be prompted to use a function to process it.

You can say:

Extract number from the data
Help me translate the data to English
Answer the question in first column

Python Interpreter

This is a Python interpreter, It can write Python code and execute it for you.

It can do some tasks such as:

  • input 100 to cell B1:B10.
  • calculate sum of a column B.
  • copy value to another cell.
  • find max value of a column Orders.
  • replace word "xxx" to "yyy".
  • delete rows where Orders > 100.

You can edit Python code by clicking Edit button under the code, we supploy a code editor for you.

In Python code editor, we upload all sheet data to Python environment, so you can use all sheet data in Python code, here is a code sample.

# import packages
import pandas as pd
def main():
    # data is in data.xlsx
    file_path = '/input/data.xlsx'
    # read data from data.xlsx
    df = pd.read_excel(file_path, sheet_name='Sheet2')
    # calculate the sum of the '价格' column
    price_sum = df['价格'].sum()
    # prepare the result string
    result_str = f'The sum of prices is: {price_sum}'
    # path for the output file
    output_file = '/output/price_sum.txt'
    # write the result to the output file
    with open(output_file, 'w') as file:
# remember to call the main function
if __name__ == '__main__':

You can let Python to edit data, create charts, and do some analysis.

The code above will save result to file in output folder,including excel file,text file(caculation result) or image file(Charts).



Use search engeine to search data, we supply two search results.


Let LLM to generate UML diagram in mermaid format.


Let LLM to generate formula in latex format.


You can click on Round button on the top right of the input box to enable or disable the tools, if you don't want to use that tools or all tools.

New Tools

If you need some other tools,you can contact us to develop it and add it to tool list.

New Tool Request (opens in a new tab)